Mouse Emulator


Convert your keyboard into a mouse


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You can use this tool to simulate the movement of a mouse with your keyboard, which will come in handy if your mouse stops working with your system.

The keys are configured in the following manner (with num lock activated):

Keypad 1 - left button

Keypad 2 - right button

Keypad 3 - center button

Keypad 4, 5, 6, 8 - move left, down, right, and up

Keypad 7 - scroll up

Keypad 9 - scroll down

Keypad / - click and hold the left button

Keypad * - click and hold the right button

Keypad - - click and hold the center button

Ctrl Keypad 0 - Activate or deactivate the emulator

You can also configure the cursor movement speed.